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The Process

"Worries" is a piece in the middle of the collection that is essentially an elaborated version of "Chaos". In this piece, I hoped to visualize the "juggling too many things at once" sensation. It is meant to convey anxiety, stress, and over consuming responsibilities.


"Worries" is greatly inspired by "Miniroom", a 3D illusion piece by Paco Vila Guillen. I wanted to challenge myself by applying the 2D patterns I created in the "Chaos" piece to create something seemingly 3D and spherical. 

THE LONGEST PIECE: While the piece may seem simple in concept and pattern, this is actually the piece I took the longest time on in all my ten pieces in the "Balance" collection. It was a challenge balancing different colors in each adjacent sphere while maintaining the tone and mood of the "Chaos" piece. 

Final Product