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 The Process

As the final piece of the "Balance" collection, I wanted "Complete" to be a highly representational piece that has a tone of accomplished and victorious yet peaceful and controlled. One of the primary symbols in this piece is the light representing the future and hope. This realistic composition is meant to represent the final formation of the human being and complete realization of one's surroundings. I still wished to subtly maintain the elements and color schemes carried throughout the collection. The "bouquet" in the woman's hand echoes the piece "Worries"; the patterns on the lace detail in her dress echoes the piece "chaos. Meanwhile, the color scheme of the woman's dress mirrors the minimalistic color scheme seen in pieces such as "Still" and "Silence". The complete emergence of both styles into the composition conveys the overall message of the collection:  It is when one finds balance between extremes when they become the best--and most complete-- version of themselves. 


for this piece, it was important for me to have a warm sunset color scheme. From previous pieces, I learned that achieving this effect is not by using yellow base tones as one would assume, but rather reds, violets, and oranges. 


After laying down the initial magenta tones, I go over them with layered acrylic to establish the base colors to each area.


The hardest challenge for this piece was to figure outlaw to establish the effect of brilliant back lighting through trees and an almost translucent. It took me a long time playing with colors and holding pieces of clothing up against the window to figure out the trick. For this piece, I used a Q-tip for many areas in the trees to establish the sunlight effect in the background. For the dress, I played around with light layers of cold and warm toned acrylic colors to establish the effect.

Final Product