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The Process

"Transition" is meant to portray one slowly gaining clarity amidst all the chaos in their life. I wanted to contrast the clarity of the eyes against the tumultuous patterns surrounding the face to show an almost epiphanic realization of oneself. I tried to accomplish this by using brighter toned colors for the eyes, and darker toned colors for the patterns surrounding it.


My original concept for this piece was to portray the entire face in the composition. However, I felt a close up on the eyes would allow me to not only put in more detail to the piece but more effectively convey my message and tone.

BASE COLORS: Before diving into the complicated patterns of the piece, I started "Transition" by laying down simple basic foundation colors used when painting any face. After the basic tones are set, I then went over those with highly pigmented colors and ink doodles.


After setting down the coloring and ink outlines for the patterns, I then went over many shapes with another thicker layer of acrylic to give some more texture and dimension to the patterns. For this piece, I decided to finish the patterns first before going into the eyes. This way, I would know how bright the colors and value must be in the eyes to contrast against the face patterns.

Final Product