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I was thrilled to discover the launch of Snowpiercer on TNT, as the source film is one of my all-time favorites. Shaping the show’s website like a luxury train ride creates a truly innovative, immersive experience that I’ve never seen before. WarnerMedia’s combination of quality, credibility, and creativity has inspired what I value in my work. I am eager to join the team creating this inspiration as an Ad Sales Courageous Design Intern.

I am experienced in the requirements of a design intern. 

Through my studies at McGill University, I acquired a strong academic background in film, research, and writing. With courses from Television to 50s Cinema, I am skilled in writing and researching through a film lens.

I am also experienced in producing media decks. During my internship at marketing agency LVM Agency, I independently redesigned internal media decks that introduced the company’s marketing campaigns occurring at events such as the Toronto International Film Festival. These decks were sent to Fortune 500 clients including HP, Dolce & Gabbana, Swarovski, and more.

More broadly, I align myself with WarnerMedia’s international mentality.

Having grown up in Vancouver, I then worked in Montreal, Hong Kong, and Shanghai. Outside of work and school, I also freelance to create personalized designs and videos for musicians, designers, and companies in the US, Canada, and China. Through my experience, I have developed a globalized perspective.

Like WarnerMedia, I am also passionate about quality storytelling that resonates with others.

One of my favorite first experiences creating meaningful content is when I directed, edited, and produced a recreation High School Musical’s “What Time Is It?” for our school musical.

Similarly, the TEDx talk I curated and produced as Head Organizer for TEDx reached over 6 Million viewers across international platforms.

View project here!

More recently, I worked with my sister to edit, translate, illustrate, and photograph Planet of Muladi, a collection of short stories (now available on Amazon and Kindle!). With themes surrounding technology, ecology, and society, the promotional photos for this project reached 15K+ viewers per post on Instagram.

Full details here!

My passion to create and impact is inspired by the content I consume—most of which belongs to WarnerMedia. As a Creative Intern, I am eager to contribute to the team that has produced the stories that consistently shape how I think, see, and create.

See more of my favorite work below!

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